Evening News readers split over mask-wearing

face mask wearing

Tannoy messages in the supermarket will encourage people to wear face masks. - Credit: Archant 2020

A straw poll of shoppers in the city centre has shown that the tide of mask-wearing is beginning to turn, as more people start to unmask.

However, members of the Evening News Facebook page remain heavily divided on the matter - with strong opinions expressed in both directions.

We asked members for their approach to mask-wearing - whether they are still wearing them or not and why.

Lawrence Wolfe said: "It is a very, very tiny price to pay to protect those around us."

Kathryn Hunt though said: "I have not worn a mask since the government lifted the rule. However, I still was my hands regularly as good hygiene is always a must."

Gillian Skinner said: "My partner and I both have reduced immunity - we need to keep as safe as possible."

But Shirley McGowen said: "I steer clear of those wearing masks as it makes me feel like they are poorly."

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Matilda Stannard-Moore said: "I'm taking a bit of a common sense approach. If I'm somewhere which is quite open or very quiet I haven't been wearing one. Definitely in supermarkets and on public transport - mainly to make other people feel at ease."