'Mumbo jumbo' - Anger as anti-vaccine leaflets pepper doorsteps

A man captured delivering anti-vaccine leaflets in Dussindale

A man captured delivering anti-vaccine leaflets in Dussindale - Credit: Archant

Health bosses have distanced themselves from a leaflet sent around city households by anti-vaxxers looking to discredit to the potential roll-out of the Covid vaccine to children.

And today, recipients of the shamed leaflet have spoken of the frustration that is being sent around, with the police also informed of the fliering. 

On Wednesday morning, several homes on Naseby Way in Dussindale received a pamphlet containing questionable information about the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out and the pandemic in general.

Among its claims were that children are less likely to transmit the virus and that research has shown vaccinating children will have no effect on combatting the pandemic.

Sophie Smith, 18, from North Walsham was among those to attend the walk-in vaccine centre at Market

Sophie Smith, 18, from North Walsham was among those to attend the walk-in vaccine centre at Market Gates, in Great Yarmouth. - Credit: Neil Didsbury

But the Norfolk and Waveney clinical commissioning group, which leads the region's vaccine roll-out, has urged people to be mindful of what information they take on board and confirmed any official communication regarding it will be branded with the trademarked NHS lozenge.

A spokesperson said: "Vaccines are the most effective way to prevent infectious diseases and there is lots of information available on the NHS website that explain how vaccines work, what they contain and the most common side effects.

“The coronavirus vaccines are safe and give you the best protection against Covid-19, and we’d encourage everyone eligible who hasn’t yet had theirs to take up the offer and get the jab to protect themselves and others.”

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The CCG added that official NHS channels, such as its website, should be the very first place people turn to for information on the roll-out.

Likewise, Norfolk County Council's public health team confirmed the leaflet had nothing to do with them and contained no official information whatsoever. 

Former swimming teacher Kris Fox, who lives on Naseby Way, had to seek out a different career path after the pandemic scuppered his existing work - and he condemned the leaflets as "mumbo jumbo".

He said: "All this is going to do is scare people and anything I get like this through my door just goes straight in the incinerator.

"I'm a firm believer in the work of the medical scientists that worked on the vaccine so take no notice of this."

Another neighbour said they had put the leaflet straight in the bin as soon as it arrived.

And a third said: "I get my evidence from scientific sources, but lots of people do not."