Double leg break for Norwich Sunday League footballer

It's the injury that every footballer fears.

Tying up your boots before walking out on to the football field, your focus is on winning - and you rarely stop to think that you might not be able to walk off the pitch when the game finishes.

But after a 50-50 tackle during a match in Sprowston, Norwich Sunday League player Jamie Wright, 25, had to be carried off the pitch on a stretcher after breaking both bones in his right leg.

He now has a plate and four pins in his leg and faces the possibility of needing to have a metal rod fitted to support his tibia and fibula from the knee to his ankle.

'I felt the impact but not much pain as the adrenaline kicked in,' said Jamie, of Blind Lane, Horsham St Faith.

'I knew something was wrong because I couldn't move my leg. I could wriggle my toes, but could feel they were in the wrong position.'

The former Aylsham High School student has played football since the age of eight, never suffering worse than shin splints.

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He explained that the impact of the tackle was on the side of his leg, meaning his shin pad was still fully intact after the injury.

'The shin pad is only small and doesn't protect your leg. If I play again, I'll get a pad that goes around the leg,' he added.

Jamie's father, Tony, watched in horror as his son failed to get to his feet after the tackle.

'He was lying on the pitch, flat on the ground. I saw the other bloke get up, but Jamie couldn't move a muscle,' said Tony, 66.

'When I saw how bad it was, I just kept talking to him to take his mind off it.'

Paramedics from the East of England Ambulance Service arrived 30 minutes after the incident and Jamie was later transferred to hospital by ambulance where he underwent surgery.

The central midfield player, who works for Know Your Money, in Queen Street, had been playing for The Rose Tavern against Sprowston Wanderers in Division 1B. His team had been winning 2-1 when the incident happened.

'I hope I can try to come back - you see a lot of professional players like Ramsey and Eduardo playing again, but I won't be diving into tackles if I return!'

Tony added: 'We both want to thank all the players of both teams, the managers and the referee for all the good wishes and care shown to Jamie. The paramedics were brilliant - it was a fantastic service.'

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