A "one in a million" youngster whose life has been severely affected by a rare genetic condition transformed into a mini superhero thanks to the trip of a lifetime.

Freddie Skinner, five, from Norwich, has a rare chromosomal syndrome in which a tiny piece is missing from one of the 46 chromosomes – chromosome 2 specifically.

The tiny missing bit increases the possibility of developmental and speech delay and learning difficulties however there is a lot of individual variation between cases.

Freddie's condition is life-limiting and although it is anticipated he won’t ever talk, his parents Emma and Laura hope he might walk one day.

His mum, Emma Skinner, said: “Freddie’s one in a million. His condition is so incredibly rare and he’s been through so much and shown huge character.

"He’s such a super happy little boy who bunny hops around the place loving life but when we first found out it was hell on earth.

"It’s so difficult to put into words the change that has happened to us as a family. In many ways I can’t really remember what happened as I’ve kind of wiped it from my memory.

"It feels like a totally different life. At times you just don’t see a way out."

As a treat for Freddie and his family, the five year old enjoyed a three-day Disney Wish experience in Staffordshire organised by Make-A-Wish Foundation, which offers immersive breaks for hundreds of critically ill children, their siblings and parents.

"This is why the Disney Wish was so special to us. Freddie’s a big Toy Story and Mickey Mouse fan as he loves the bright colours and even does his own sign for mouse,” Emma added.

Some 240 children and their families - as well as a handful of celebrities - got involved in the experience which was co-organised with the Kentown Wizard Foundation and included a Marvel training programme and Mickey and Minnie bedtime story.

Jason Suckley, Make-A-Wish UK chief executive, said: "Over 60,000 children in the UK are living with a critical illness and may not be able to travel abroad due to their condition.

"We’re delighted children have had their wishes come true right here in the UK, providing light and joy when they and their families need it most."