Hat’s the way to do it!

The hat is this season's must-have accessory, but what suits you? Emma Harrowing gets tips from Norwich image consultant Claire Bunton.

Claire says: 'A soft beret worn around the hairline and at an angle will slightly elongate the face so this will suit those with rounder faces or if your face is wider than it is long.'

The felt hat from Norfolk designer Bridgett O'Connell is a great alternative to a traditional beret. Bridgett's hats are available from Ethika in Timberhill, Norwich.

The 1970s Wide Brim

Claire says: 'This seems to be the hat that will suit most face shapes. It will suit someone with a long face as the wide brim will shorten the face. For those with a rounder face shape go for a softer floppier brim and make sure it is wider than the face as this will make your face look narrower by comparison.'

Life Matters loves the camel corsage wide brim hat, �30, Linea at House of Fraser, Chapelfield and the Rust fedore felt hat, �19.50, Dorothy Perkins and Outfit.

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The Cloche

Claire says: 'This sits low on the head so will suit someone with a long face, as it adds no height it will not elongate the face. If it has a wider brim then the horizontal emphasis of this will balance the length of the face.'

Life Matters loves the teal cloche hat, �14, Next and the camel cloche hat, �20, Next.

The Trilby

Claire says: 'The classic style suits most face shapes but is particularly flattering to heart-shaped/combination (a mix of curves and angles) faces as the hat has a medium crown and medium-sized brim.'

Life Matters loves the trilby hat, �25, Warehouse and the felted hat, �9.99, New Look.

The 1960s cap

Claire says: 'As there is little detail on this hat, it will suit someone with fine features such as a pixie type face. The angles of the peak will compliment an angular face, and the fact it sits flat on the head will be good for those with slightly longer faces as it will not elongate them.'

Love Matters loves the felt train driver '60s style cap, �25, John Lewis and the mohair hair hat, �7, Bonmarche.