How Harry Kane won his Norfolk aunt £73 with Germany goal

Karen Hogg is pictured on the left, with her nephew Harry Kane and husband Eric on the right during the Russia World Cup 2018

Karen Hogg is pictured on the left, with her nephew Harry Kane and husband Eric on the right during the Russia World Cup 2018 - Credit: Contributed

When Harry Kane headed England's second goal against Germany, it was double the reason to celebrate for one of his Norfolk relatives.

The England captain's aunt Karen Hogg had placed a £6 bet on her nephew scoring a header as she watched the game with her husband Eric and friends at the Longe Arms in Spixworth. 

A £73 return and a 2-0 win meant it proved to be a memorable evening for the Hoggs inside the pub they used to run. 

Mrs Hogg, 51, said: "It was never-wracking but exciting. As a family, we are very proud and it was definitely nice to see him score.

"Before every single game Eric will send him a message and he always gets a message back, even if it's just a 'thanks mate' or 'thanks uncle'."

Kane, who made three starts for Norwich City on loan during the 2012/13 season, has recently donated £500 to football teams in Spixworth and Horsford through the Harry Kane Football Foundation. 

Mrs Hogg said he gets his football skills from his grandfather, who was also called Eric, and who died 18-years-ago when Kane was at the start of his career. 

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"Even Harry admits he got his skills from the Hogg side of the family," Mrs Hogg said. 

His aunt is hoping to place a bet on Kane scoring a hat-trick in the Euro 2020 final and to see her nephew lift the trophy. 

"We hope and pray it's going to be a final," she said. "That would be absolutely brilliant." 

The Old Catton couple have already booked their seats at the Spixworth pub for England's quarter-final against Ukraine on Saturday.

Mrs Hogg said: "It's surreal. I do not think Eric ever gets used to the fact he is driving in the car and hears Harry Kane mentioned. He has to pinch himself and think 'that is my nephew'." 

The couple last saw the England captain at a function last year before Covid intervened. 

Mrs Hogg said: "Because of Covid restrictions it has been even worse over the last 18 months. Normally, Eric would go down to watch most games and see him afterwards but that has not been possible."

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