Around half of supermarket shoppers still wearing a face covering

face mask wearing

There was an even split between mask-wearers and those without a face covering at Morrisons this afternoon. - Credit: Archant 2020

Just over half of supermarket shoppers are still wearing a mask despite the relaxation of rules.

On a visit to Morrisons in Norwich at 12pm this afternoon we counted 46 shoppers wearing a mask, with 44 opting not to don a face covering.

Those wearing a mask tended to be middle aged, with almost all young and elderly people still wearing them.

One shopper, Beryl Johnstone said: "I'm wearing it because it's busy, but if it was half empty I wouldn't bother."

Jemima Mayhew, who was not wearing a mask, said: "Didn't bring one, you just don't think about it anymore like you did at the start."

Her comments were backed up by Dave Lancaster, who said: "No one looks at the numbers anymore, in lockdown everyone knew how many people had it and that, but I think people have just forgotten about it.

"I'm back to normal now, I think you have to be at some point if you value your sanity."

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Mask-wearer Doris Becke added: "Because I'm old, I'm wearing it, but I don't really worry about Covid too much anymore, so I can understand why people who are perhaps a bit healthier than me don't, as long as they've had the vaccine."