Hainford brewer appears in national film promoting beer heritage

A Norfolk brewer has appeared in a film promoting British beer and calling on the government to rethink its beer taxation policy, ahead of today's budget.

John Bates, from Ole Slewfoot Brewery in Hainford, was one of the 25 national brewers to take a role in the short film 'Proud of British Beer', launched earlier this month, which celebrates British beer and the British pub.

'Proud of British Beer' made by the Society of Independent Brewers, is not just a 'feel-good' movie, though, as it also sends a stern warning about damage caused by the government's beer taxation policy with pub closures currently running at 29 per week.

'Stop the duty increases – show some pride in British beer', implores a group of brewers in the film's endframe.

Mr Bates, who makes Belgian-style beers and has been running the brewery for three years, sent a copy of the film to Broadland MP Keith Simpson.

He said: 'We are proud to brew British beer, as are the other brewers from across the country featured in this film. Britain does not make much anymore and most of what we have is imported, so we are keeping alive British heritage by real ale making.

'We hope that our message about beer duty is heard by MPs who have it in their power to stop the increases and with it the decimation of our industry.'

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Ole Slewfoot is a brewery with a focus on traditional ale making and bottle conditioning. Different yeasts are used for different ale flavour profiles and also for bottle conditioning.

Mr Bates added: 'We are keeping the tradition of rustic cottage artisan ales of days gone by, and all the ales are made using the East Anglian malting barley from The Brant Hill Farm on The Holkham Hall estate near Wells-next-the-Sea.'

Slewfoot was a North American bear who has been immortalised in many songs and stories.

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For more information visit www.oleslewfootbrewery.co.uk - To view the film visit www.vimeo.com/SIBA/proudofbritishbeer or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QANARINMQzc&sns=em.