Guitarist to play for 24 hours in fund-raising bid for NHS

Norwich pub manager Christian Gray plans to play guitar for 24 hours to raise funds for the Norfolk

Norwich pub manager Christian Gray plans to play guitar for 24 hours to raise funds for the Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust Picture: Submitted - Credit: Submitted

Keeping yourself occupied during lockdown isn’t easy for some people, so a Norwich pub manager without any pints to pull has decided to put his energy into playing guitar for a good cause - for 24 hours straight.

Christian Gray manages the Steam Packet pub, in Cattle Market Street in the city centre, but also has a solo music project which has continued from a band which was originally formed around 10 years ago.

The 25-year-old plays thrash metal in a project entitled Terrorcaust and from 8.45am on Thursday will be putting his passion to good use, to raise funds for the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Twelve hours is the longest I’ve played for before, that was recording for my second CD,” explained Mr Gray. “I’ve done charity work before where I’ve played for eight hours but that’s so easy to do.

“I can quite easily just sit indoors all day playing guitar. So I thought I’d push it to the extreme with 24 hours - and hopefully that will bore me senseless so that I don’t play the guitar for a little while, because I just keep picking it up and I want to burn myself out from it so I can focus on other things!”

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Mr Gray, who lives in Prince of Wales Road, has house-mates so will have support and intends to stream his effort online - which is being sponsored by local mobile catering company Gringos Nacho Factory.

“My house-mate can make me dinner, basically I’ll be having soup, so that my hands stay busy,” he added. “I’ll be having a toilet break every eight hours, so people will just have to trust me that I’m still playing guitar!

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“But other than that everything will be shown live on a web stream.”

Using pedals to switch between different sounds, Mr Gray will face the challenge of mixing up the styles he’s playing throughout the fund-raising effort.

“It’s 100 percent mental really,” he concluded. “It’s kind of like when you’re recording in a studio because you’re just putting 100 percent of your effort in for a good 12-hour shift.

“I think the first 12 hours will be really easy but the last 12 hours I’ll probably start seeing things out of the corner of my eye!”

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