Hopes to reopen flood-hit road for summer months after 2022 closure notice

County councillor Ian Mackie is hopeful the closure of Green Lane in Thorpe End can be lifted by the end of June 

County councillor Ian Mackie is hopeful the closure of Green Lane in Thorpe End can be lifted by the end of June - Credit: Submitted

A county councillor is hopeful a road closure due to last until 2022 can be lifted "by the end of the month". 

Norfolk County Council had given approval for Green Lane in Thorpe End to be closed from February 10 until January 2022 after four feet of flooding in the winter.

The road, which passes under a railway bridge owned by Network Rail, was also the scene of a dramatic Christmas Eve rescue in 2020 as firefighters waded in to rescue an elderly couple trapped in their car. 

County councillor Ian Mackie, who represents Thorpe St Andrew North West, has been working with local stakeholders including Network Rail and Highways, to lift the closure over the summer months.

Mr Mackie said: "We hope to reopen by the end of the month, if not sooner, and we are working closely to achieve a solution to benefit all." 

Detailed drainage design work has been taking place with works likely to continue this week to install the final new warning signs to the railway underpass. 

It is expected the road would be closed temporarily again after the summer months to ensure the new drainage system is fully completed.

A firefighter wades through armpit deep water to a submerged car under the rail bridge at Green Lane

Green Lane was the scene of a dramatic rescue on Christmas Eve - Credit: Alex and Matt Emmerson

In a statement to residents, Mr Mackie said: "Thank you all for your patience whilst this work has been taking place and hopefully by the winter the road will be less flooded and much safer. 

"Obviously this will require a closure later this year to deliver the drainage system." 

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In response to Mr Mackie's statement, resident Jane Bagley questioned why the road closure needed to be lifted and "turned back into a rat run". 

She said: "What a shame, the road closure has given so many safe access across that stretch of road to the walks along the NDR." 

But Mr Mackie said it had been using up time for emergency services to maintain the closure, and it is expected to be closed permanently once the business link road is built over the bridge. 

A county council spokeswoman said: "We are aiming to have all the pre-works and the road closure finished and lifted by the start of July.”