Great Yarmouth brewery’s new beer - with rum in it

The pride of the Royal Navy will be raising their glasses to a Great Yarmouth brewery as they enjoy 1,440 pints of real ale with a touch of rum.

Next week the Royal Navy's state of the art destroyer HMS Dauntless is due to be dropping anchor at Yarmouth's outer harbour, the town it has an affiliation with.

To celebrate the arrival of the ship and her 190 crew on Friday, October 8, the Blackfriars Brewery has made 70 barrels of HMS Dauntless Ale for the sailors to enjoy. Each pint of the drink contains about half a tot of rum.

The sailors will be able to try out the nautical-themed tipple at a reception and as they go on tours of the brewery in Main Cross Road.

And if the drink proves a hit lucky sailors may be able to take away bottles of the ale – if any are left after their weekend visit, which has been organised by Yarmouth Borough Council.

And as brewery owner Bill Russell prepared the 70 barrels yesterday, he joked that at 6pc alcohol, sailors from the type-45 air defence destroyer may end up seeing mermaids if they over-indulge.

Mr Russell said: 'We were honoured to be asked to provide this beer for the crew of HMS Dauntless. We are proud to support the Royal Navy and the armed forces in general and celebrate Yarmouth's maritime heritage.'

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HMS Dauntless, which was launched in 2007 and commissioned in June, will be open to the public on Sunday, October 10 from 9.30am to 4.30pm. Anyone wanting to go on broad must take a shuttle bus from the Pleasure Beach to the outer harbour.

At 10.45am on that day the ship's crew will be parading from the town hall to St Nicholas' Church for a public service. The crew will also be playing in a charity match against Gorleston on the Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday head brewer Sean Junker was putting the finishing touches to the HMS Dauntless Ale.

In November the 22-year from Yarmouth is going on holiday to Australia. Because of his holiday an opportunity has arisen for anyone over 18 who is interested in taking up brewing to work at the brewery throughout November on a voluntary basis for up to five days a week.

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