Great memories marking barrels at Bullards Brewery

The Bullards Brewery workers. Picture: Archant

The Bullards Brewery workers. Picture: Archant

After reading your article about Bullards Brewery all I could think of was 'wow' what memories.

In August 1964, as a 15-year-old who had just left school, Bullards was my first job.

Back then, men who worked there were all quite a bit older than me.

I was employed there until I left in January 1968.

The two men in the picture putting hops into the barrels were, on the left, Billy Fleming, who loved a gamble on the horses and was always winning.

On the right was Bob Squires, and just behind, wearing the hat, was Freddie Colk who lived at Spixworth and also had a smallholding there.

They were all good people to work with in those days.

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My job at that time was marking the barrels with brew numbers.

As I am 68 this year, I would think that I'm probably the only survivor from that era.

Paul lomax, Ruskin Road, New Costessey