Grand views that make a big change for youngsters

Derek JamesLife for so many deaf children in Norwich and across Norfolk has been improved…thanks to you.Derek James

Life for so many deaf children in Norwich and across Norfolk has been improved…thanks to you.

For many years now I have been asking for your old picture postcards and I pass them on to Michael and Sylvia Porter who have customers all over this country and abroad.

Today Dylan Harries, of the Norfolk Deaf Children's Society, has asked me to thank all the Evening News readers who have helped their members by sending in their postcards.

So far the Porters have collected more than �78,140 for the society which makes a big difference to so many young lives.

'The money raised goes to buy equipment for deaf children to use independently, in their home and in school,' said Dylan.

'Over 2008/9 we have provided deaf children with grants towards home computers to help them with their education,' he explained.

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'For some of the older deaf children we have made them grants to buy mobile phones to help them keep in touch with family and friends via texting and we have helped the schools buy specialist hearing aid equipment which they otherwise would not have been able to get,' said Dylan.

And in addition to the equipment the society also pays for regular activities and events which offer deaf children and their families the chance to get together, share experiences and support each other.

It also organises outings which additional communication support helping the children to participate.

'Our society would not be able to support deaf children and their families in the way we do without the generous support of such people as yourselves who pass on the postcards to Mr and Mrs Porter,' he added.

So please…keep them coming in.

Your postcards raised another �53.74 for the society in January.

Did You Know?

On this day in 1855 bread riots broke out in Liverpool.

On this day in 1878 Thomas Edison patented the phonograph.

On this day in 1897 the Women's Institute was founded at Stoney Creek, Ontario.

On this day in 1906 in America, William Kellogg formed the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company to make the breakfast cereal he developed as a health food for mental patients. All you had to do - announced the company - was add milk and sugar to the baked wheat flakes.

On this day in 1942 the Japanese air force bombed the Australian city of Darwin.

On this day in 1957 Emergency Ward 10, the first continuous TV series began on ITV - it was shown twice-weekly for 10 years.

On this day in 1976 Iceland broke off diplomatic relations with Britain in a further episode of the 'cod war' that had soured relations between the two countries. Conflict first broke out back in 1958 when Iceland extended its territorial waters.