Gorleston academy unveils its new name

Steve DownesThe soon-to-be academy at Gorleston has become the second in a week in Norfolk to unveil its new name.Steve Downes

The soon-to-be academy at Gorleston has become the second in a week in Norfolk to unveil its new name.

Oriel High School, on Oriel Avenue, is set to open in September as Ormiston Venture Academy, following discussions with students and staff.

The name was announced by principal-designate Nicole McCartney at the academy's first open evening earlier this week.

The Gorleston academy, which has to get government sign off by July 31 to go ahead in time for its scheduled opening in September, is sponsored by Ormiston Trust - as is the academy that will replace Costessey High, Middleton Crescent.

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Last week, it was announced that the Costessey Academy would be called Ormiston Victory Academy, after Admiral Lord Nelson's flagship, HMS Victory.

Ms McCartney said: 'Ormiston Venture Academy was chosen after discussions with students and staff. We talked to student leaders about what they envisaged for their future and to staff about how we could apply this to the name. 'It is about invoking the pride and courage to venture into new experiences, into higher education and into work.'

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Tuesday's open evening was attended by more than 400 people, including secondary and primary head teachers, representatives from Norfolk County Council, strategic partner Gresham's School and several local businesses.

Ms McCartney promised the academy would become a centre of educational excellence at the heart of the community, as well as a local resource in which the community could take pride. A new logo and uniform were also unveiled. The uniform includes black blazers with red piping.

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