YouTube star hides £10k 'golden ticket' in Norwich

YouTube star JaackMaate – real name Jack Dean – hid golden tickets for cash prizes in each English city, including Norwich.

YouTube star JaackMaate – real name Jack Dean – hid golden tickets for cash prizes in each English city, including Norwich. - Credit: Denise Bradley

A well-known YouTuber hid a 'golden ticket' somewhere in Norwich – the finder of which will win a share of £10,000.

Norwich-based streaming star JaackMaate, who has more than 1.4m subscribers on his YouTube channel, published a video in which he said he spent 10 days hiding a ticket in every English city.

The tickets were placed inside small silver tins, and strategically placed in all 51 cities in England for people to find.

JaackMaate – real name Jack Dean – said: "Over the past 10 days, I have been on a mission around the country.

"I have visited every single city in England and hidden a golden ticket, potentially worth £10,000 in every single one.

"Every golden ticket will guarantee you at least £50 – five of the tickets will land you £500.

"But one lucky golden ticket finder will win themselves £5,000."

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Mr Dean said he covered around 2,500 thousand miles on his 10-day trek, which began by visiting Ely and hiding a ticket close to the cathedral.

Along with some road trip companions, he travelled by car clockwise around England, reaching Truro in Cornwall before heading north to Carlisle and back down the east coast to finish in Peterborough.

He rounded off the reveal video by giving a "vague" clue as to the location of the Norwich ticket – after donning a Willy Wonka costume as a nod to Roald Dahl's classic character.

"This one is going to be a tough one, because there's a lot of people in Norwich who know about these videos," the YouTube star said.

It was later found in Wensum Park.

A view of Wensum Park, off Drayton Road in Norwich, from the top of the shelter. Picture: Sophie Wyl

The Norwich ticket was hidden somewhere in Wensum Park. - Credit: Sophie Wyllie

The identity of the ticket worth £5,000 is yet to be revealed.

Posting on social media after the video, Mr Dean said: "I went to Wensum Park in Norwich earlier to see 200ish people all searching for the ticket.

"A mum came up to me with her young daughter and said 'this is the first time in weeks my daughter has been out of the house due to her anxiety'.

"Made it all worth while."

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