GoGoDragons! fans encouraged to enjoy last full weekend of the Norwich trail

Oscar, Honey and Arthur Pope on the GoGoDragons! trail in Cathedral Close.

Oscar, Honey and Arthur Pope on the GoGoDragons! trail in Cathedral Close. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Dragon fans are being encouraged to go out and enjoy the last full weekend of the GoGoDragons! trail in Norwich.

Eighty-four decorated dragons have made Norwich their home throughout the summer but this is their last full weekend as they are set to fly off from the city's streets in the early hours of Sunday, September 6. The art trail - organised by children's charity Break and Wild in Art - has proven to be a great success with people of all ages keen to spot the colourful characters.

'Next Saturday is the last day of the trail, so this weekend we are encouraging people to go out and celebrate the last full weekend of the dragons,' said Michael Rooney, fundraising manager at Break.

He said the charity was absolutely delighted with how popular the trail has been.

'You go around the city and it is nigh on impossible to go near a dragon without seeing families gathered around with their trail maps. It just shows how much the people of Norwich have taken the dragons to their hearts,' he said.

'About 275,000 trail maps have gone out so that is an indication of the popularity of the trail. We have also been hearing about increased footfall in shops. On a lot of levels it has been a success - for tourism, for the city, for businesses, and it has given people an opportunity to enjoy an event in the summer which is free.'

He added that there would be two more chances for people to see the dragons after they leave their spots on the trail.

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He said: 'There will be a 'last chance to see' event at The Forum with all the dragons from September 27 to 30, and then on October 1 we will have the auction where hopefully we will raise some significant money to help Break's work with vulnerable children, young people and families.'

For more about the GoGoDragons! visit www.eveningnews24.co.uk/gogodragons, www.edp24.co.uk/gogodragons and www.gogodragons.co.uk