Global gathering of students make radio look easy

Students from the UEA visited Future Radio to learn about radio production.

Students from the UEA visited Future Radio to learn about radio production. - Credit: Archant

Imagine sitting in a studio with someone from Mexico, Peru, Italy, Russia and France, together with students from far flung parts of the UK?

Students from UEA visiting Future Radio to learn the ropes.

Students from UEA visiting Future Radio to learn the ropes. - Credit: Archant

Well, last week I did just that.

Once again Future Radio has been working in partnership with the UEA to produce some unique radio shows.

After giving the students some pointers about how to put a radio show together, each group took in in turns to head into the studio and get down to the business of recording.

For most of the students this was their first time in front of a microphone and after a few wobbles they soon presented as confident radio presenters.

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The School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies of the University of East Anglia have always celebrated the importance of languages and intercultural communication.

The first show was hosted by UEA Master Student Jorge Ruiz Zevallos, who interviewed two students from the UEA Master module on Language, Culture and Thought.

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Anastasiia Kaminskaia talked about the differences of non-verbal communication between students from Russia and China and how much we can say without actually speaking.

Mariana Favila discussed the results of her study on the 'Never OK' sexual harassment awareness campaign carried out on the UEA campus.

The second show was hosted by Dr Lorella Viola, a researcher in Intercultural Communication at UEA.

She interviewed five UEA Language Ambassadors – Ines Abdelli, Beatrice Vinai, Ashley Bourke, Elly Weatherly and Abigail Ridley - who shared with the audience their experiences of studying foreign languages and how much that enriched their personal and professional development.

The shows were part of the Outreach series of events 'Let's talk about languages' which include workshops, conferences, residential and non-residential summer schools, mentoring schemes, and academic taster sessions to promote the study Humanities disciplines such as modern foreign languages and Intercultural Communication.

All those involved enjoyed their day at Future Radio and I left inspired by the students I had met, and determined to do something about my poor command of any other language than the one I was born with.

The first show is broadcast Tuesday March 14 and the second on Wednesday March 15 both at 10am to 11am.

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