WATCH: Is this the most raucous band to EVER busk in Norwich?

Glitchers performing on Gentleman's Walk in Norwich on Wednesday lunchtime. 

Glitchers performing in Gentleman's Walk in Norwich on Wednesday lunchtime - Credit: Archant

Buskers normally strum along with classics from the likes of Eric Clapton or Ed Sheeran - but not these super-loud punks. 

Shoppers were left with their hands on their ears rather than reaching for loose change when hardcore punk band Glitchers turned up, plugged in and rocked out. 

Their arrival in Gentleman's Walk was preceded by a band member screaming through a megaphone to announce the bizarre lunchtime gig.

An amplifier and a drum kit had been set up and the two-piece band began playing at a volume level which had heads turning all the way up the city's main shopping street.

The band had their name on an open guitar box asking for contactless and cash donations.

On their Facebook page it says they are a "punk band tearing up the streets". 

But, while some people were cowering because of the cacophonous hubbub, plenty gathered, filmed the duo and even joined in with the head banging.

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By 2pm the band had packed up and left.