Glass artist comes to Norwich Market

With a career spanning more than 20 years, Norwich glass artist Julie Childs has decided to come out of the studio and join in with the banter at Norwich market.

As well as privately selling her glass art, the self-taught artist supplies a variety of National Trust shops, including some well known local venues such as Blickling, Felbrigg and Oxborough Halls.

Ms Childs, who lives on Dereham Road, said: 'I'd been looking at a shop, thinking it was a massive commitment. Norwich market is the only one in the country like it and the outdoor, permanent setting is what attracted me.'

Ms Childs had been taking glass engraving classes prior to her daughter Amy's birth. After Amy, now 15, was born, Ms Childs decided she wanted to add colour into her designs, so she purchased the only three pots of glass paint that were in her local art shop. 'I was a single mum and I wanted to earn some money. I sold them immediately and then thought 'I'm on to something here',' she said.

Following those sales, Ms Childs went to a trade show at Birmingham's NEC, where her career developed.

As well as her daughter Amy, Julie also has her son Joseph, who is now six, and takes inspiration from life to produce her glass art.

She creates candle lamps, trinket dishes, jewellery boxes, vases and various other gifts.

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Describing her art, she said: 'It's a stained glassed effect, very churchy and medieval looking, but I also keep an eye on current trends, so I'll use colours that are in fashion at the moment. I get a lot of inspiration from nature and flowers and I put all of that basically on to glass, gold line it, to create a raised embossed effect on top of the colour design, and then bake it in an oven.

'It's an affordable, British, handmade craft.'

Ms Childs said it was refreshing dealing with the retail side of the business and added she was enjoying the freedom of working on the market.

'It's an experience to be there on the market because it is another ball game totally. It's catering to the people that go to the market and I'm also changing a little bit to what I'm selling because I'm gearing it towards market life,' she said.

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