Escaped giant eagle owl spotted in Norwich city centre

A Eurasian eagle owl spotted in the Unthank Road area of Norwich.

A Eurasian eagle owl has been spotted in the Unthank Road area of Norwich. - Credit: Mike Marren

A Eurasian eagle owl, one of the largest owls in the world, has been spotted in Norwich's city centre.

Mike Marren, of Grosvenor Road in Norwich, saw the bird of prey while walking to the shop at about 9pm on Saturday, January 22.

The 31-year-old said: "I heard it before I saw it. It was sat hidden in a tree and then flew on to a roof.

"After five minutes, it flew off in the direction of Unthank Road."

Mr Marren, a regular birdwatcher, is confident the bird he spotted was an eagle owl.

"I'm 95pc sure because the size of it and the ears are so unique.

"It was thrilling - the owl was intimidating when it took off.

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"But I wouldn't want people to think the bird is a threat."

An eagle owl was spotted regularly in Ormesby St Margaret this month.

It is likely the owl escaped from captivity but it is thought the bird will thrive in the wild.

The eagle owl is easily recognisable due to its orange eyes and feathery ear tufts.