Rapper ghosts Norwich audience

Ghostface Killah. Picture: Wikimedia

Ghostface Killah. Picture: Wikimedia - Credit: Wikimedia

Show-goers were left unimpressed when Ghostface Killah prematurely ended his set.

The American rapper and Wu-Tang Clan member was due to perform a set at Norwich's Waterfront venue on Thursday evening at around 7.30pm - but some audience members said he was over an hour late to the stage.

When he eventually did arrive an audience member reportedly threw a pint of beer at him, causing the rapper to end the show just moments after it began.

Fans turned to social media to express their frustration. One tweeted: 'Well, that was disappointing. Ghostface Killah stormed off after 25 seconds because someone threw a pint at him for coming on 1hr and 30mins late...'

Another had this message for the rapper: 'All you had to do was have your DJ explain why you would have only played a 20 minute set, offered the refund, then done a quick 20 minute set of the classics and we would have all left happy'.

Ghostface Killah's empty stage. Picture: Paul Jones

Ghostface Killah's empty stage. Picture: Paul Jones - Credit: Paul Jones

The disappointed crowd were sent home early and many are asking that their tickets be refunded.

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