Gaping Norwich pot-holes finally fixed

Sarah HallGaping pot-holes in the car park of a Norwich shopping centre have finally been filled in - more than two years after campaigners began a battle to get action.Sarah Hall

Gaping pot-holes in the car park of a Norwich shopping centre have finally been filled in - more than two years after campaigners began a battle to get action.

The saga over the state of the car park at Earlham House shopping centre has been dragging on since 2007, with families fed-up with the pot-holes and flooding.

Norwich City Council had been trying to get the owners Relay Arch to fix the problems and, after months of stalemate, issued a section 215 notice on the owners ordering them to do the work by February 8.

However, that deadline passed without anything being done, so as a last resort, City Hall pledged to carry out the work and then send a bill to Relay Arch.

That did the trick and work on the car park was carried out by the owners on Friday - to the delight of campaigners who have pressed for action.

Both the Green Party and Norwich South Labour MP Charles Clarke have been campaigning for improvements, while more than 800 people have signed a petition demanding action.

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Mr Clarke said: 'I am delighted that after such an immensely long time, the work has started and also pleased that it is being done by the owners of the land.

'I will be monitoring progress very closely since, sadly, their record in recent years does not give rise to a great deal of confidence.'

Adrian Ramsay, Green party city councillor for Nelson ward and a challenger to Mr Clarke in the general election, said: 'They have done the worst bit and they have said they are going to do the rest of the car park next month. I am pleased that the area is now safe and the pot-holes have been covered up.

'It's good the owners have taken action, but a pity it took a council enforcement notice to get it done. I hope they will do the rest of the car park and then improve the maintenance of the shopping centre generally.'

A spokeswoman for Norwich City Council said: 'It is good news that the owners are carrying out the necessary works to make the car park fit for use.

'We will keeping a close eye to ensure the works are up to standard and our initial impression is that they are progressing well.'

Nobody from Shropshire-based 4D Property Management, which manages the site on behalf of owners Relay Arch, was available to comment.

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