Gaming store opens just in time for Black Friday trading

Game store in Norwich Chapelfield, photo credit: @GameNorwichCf on Twitter

Game store in Norwich Chapelfield, photo credit: @GameNorwichCf on Twitter - Credit: Archant

A new store will open in Norwich's intu Chapelfield shopping centre this week.

The national chain GAME is unveiling its second outlet in the city – in addition to its existing store, close to the Castle Mall, on Back Of The Inns.

The opening of the new store will see the firm take on an extra 30 staff members, for the Christmas period.

To mark the opening, this Friday, customers will be offered deals on 'next-generation' games consoles.

The opening of the new store suggests the continuing strength of the city's 'gaming culture', while the timing of it also coincides with so-called 'Black Friday'.

This is a retail tradition which started in the US, where stores would offer extra deals to get shoppers into their outlets on the Friday following Thanksgiving.

Despite the absence of a Thanksgiving tradition in this country, British retailers have started to market the day here, as a crucial one in the shopping calendar.

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Whilst US stores have been known to open as early as midnight on Black Friday, the new GAME store will be keeping to a more traditional 9am opening time.

Dave Howard, stores director for the firm, said: 'We are so pleased to be able to bring another store to Norwich. We're really looking forward to being a bigger part of the gaming community.'

With the new store comes modern innovation with the opportunity for customers to use a function on the GAME mobile phone app to get immediate extra product information.

Sarah Williams, regional manager, said: 'I am thrilled to have our new store in the Chapelfield Shopping Centre and show everyone what GAME is all about.'

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