GALLERY: Event celebrates black culture in Norwich

Young people from all over Norfolk came together to celebrate black culture in the city.

The event, which took place at Open Youth Venue on Bank Plain in the city centre, brought both local and national organisations together to raise the aspirations and achievements of young black people in Norwich.

Melusi Sayekaya, aged 15, of Horning Close, West Earlham, who took part in the event, said: 'Events like this show that young kids can do stuff other than hang around on the streets.'

Future Projects, based on Motum Road, Earlham, helped to organise the day's activities which culminated in an evening Showtime music event.

Michael Howard, manager of the musical side of Future Projects, said: 'Last time, there were 200 young people attending our evening event. There is a buzz about it, especially through social media like Facebook.'

Mikey Lansdell, an outreach worker, said: 'What we are attempting to do is stretch the young people beyond misconceptions and change the stereotyping of black people in Norwich.'

The day began with young people being invited to use Open's facilities, such as the games consoles and wi-fi computers.

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Cartoonist and motivational speaker Tayo Fatunla, was invited to speak and also demonstrate his artist abilities.

He said: 'I am grateful to have been able to be a gifted artist. I was told I would never do it but with my back-up plan of getting a good education I was able to. The black population is increasing in this area and I am grateful to be here to raise awareness of the achievements.'

The event was the first one to be put on in partnership with the Leo Taylor Foundation, currently being supported by Future Projects.

Dawn Jackson, who set up Future Projects in April 2000 believes it is important to back other initiatives in Norwich. 'The Leo Taylor Foundation is a community project,' she said. '[Leo] has devoted his adult life to assisting minorities to integrate by supporting and making the right choices.'

The event was funded by the government programme Reach and Youth Music.

For information about the Leo Taylor Foundation, contact Dawn at or call 01603 455250.

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