Future Radio’s new station manager pledges he will retain current mix of music

Future Radio station manager Daniele Fisichella

Future Radio station manager Daniele Fisichella - Credit: Archant

The new manager of a community radio has pledged he will boost the number of volunteers taking part while keeping its mix of non-commercial music and talk programmes.

Daniele Fisichella is Future Radio's third station manager since it was established a decade ago.

He is in charge of managing the output of the station, which claims to have 42,000 regular listeners, as well as being responsible for the recruitment of new volunteers and the development of marketing and funding strategies.

The 30-year-old moved to the UK from his native Italy in 2009, where he started his radio career as a volunteer in 2004, and most recently worked as a producer for talkSPORT International in London for two years.

He said: 'We will definitely keep the commitment to music being played that is an alternative to the commercial radio stations. I think a community radio station, as the name says, is for the community and has to reflect the different parts of the community and the different sides of society. It should keep a local profile on all the issues, from business to sport and politics and everything.'

He added: 'I'm particularly keen on the type of music they play. It's a non-commercial station, so there are a lot of unsigned and independent bands. It represents the musical backbone of the station.

'In terms of the presenters, there is a great variety of presenting styles. There are similar programmes but different ways of presenting, and that's something that listeners expect.'

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Future Radio is a speech, arts and music alternative community radio station with more than 170 volunteers, and broadcasts to 190,000 people in Norwich on 107.8FM and nationwide via futureradio.co.uk/listenlive.

Daniel Childerhouse, chief executive officer of Future Projects, the charity of which Future Radio is one part, said: 'We were extremely pleased to have attracted such a high-quality candidate. Daniele is absolutely the right person to take the station forward and ensure that it continues to have a very positive impact on the communities of Norwich and beyond.'

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