Interview with Fun Lovin’ Criminals frontman Huey Morgan ahead of LCR Norwich show

Fun Lovin' Criminals. Photo: Tom Barnes

Fun Lovin' Criminals. Photo: Tom Barnes - Credit: Tom Barnes

We had a chat with Fun Lovin' Criminals' frontman Huey Morgan as the band get ready to head out on a UK/European tour to celebrate the release of their latest album.

The multi-platinum New York Trio will kick off their tour today in Birmingham stopping at The LCR, UEA in Norwich on February 9.

Bursting onto the scene in 1996, they were heralded for their generation defining blend of styles with their refreshing cocktail of rock'n' roll, funk, blues, soul, hip hop, jazz and Latin giving them a unique charm that is still apparent three decades on.

Their brand new album Another Mimosa is essentially a part two of Mimosa which was released back in the 90s.

'Finding the different songs that we all wanted to do was actually really pretty fun. It's all stuff that means a lot to us personally so it has like an inside joke aspect to it,' explained frontman Huey Morgan.

'We were inspired by so many different kinds of music that we just wanted to make examples of the fact that we could play a Neil Diamond song and then play a Biggie Smalls song and then play a Puff Daddy song and then play an Ice Cube song and then play a Bobby Womack song.'

Prior to the latest album release, it had been quite a long time since the band had recorded anything together.

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'Getting into the studio with Fast and Frank is great. We all listen to very different kinds of music so you're always going to be challenged by trying to get good at something that you're not necessarily good at.'

When asked what the best experience or opportunity that's come from being in Fun Lovin' Criminals, Morgan said: 'I have been thinking about that kind of question for a while.'

'I think it's coming out of the other side and being able to look back into the tunnel going 'that didn't kill me, awesome!'

'There are a lot of people that go into the music business with very few anchors in their lives. They go in there to become someone different, to go somewhere no one has ever gone before.'

'Very few people come out the other side, and if they do come out the other side, very few people have the hindsight to realize that they accomplished something pretty cool.'

Being on the road is something that hasn't changed much over the years for Fun Lovin' Criminals.

'I was 27 when I got my record deal, so I was already the old man at the party. It doesn't seem a lot different, other than the amount of things we do is probably a lot less than it used to be.'

'We still have a lot of fun, in moderation. I mean we don't get completely leathered before we play shows but we never really did anyway. I think the way we have structured our touring mechanism now is pretty much as perfect as it can get for us.'

With a career that has spanned several decades, they are all grateful to still be doing something that they love so much.

'It is a pretty unique situation being in Fun Lovin' Criminals - getting a record deal from EMI, never having done any kind of audition and never having a demo, all that kind of stuff.'

'23 years later and still being able to do what I love doing, I can only attribute to just being a fan of music and always having the love for music.'

'You know, sometimes maybe too much love, where you get a little nasty and jaded, but you know, at least the love is there and I think that's important. It kind of keeps me motivated to keep playing music.'

With the Norwich show looming, Morgan describes what fans can expect from the show.

'Keith Richards pretty much said it when he said watching the Fun Lovin' Criminals was like watching rock'n'roll and soul make love.'

• Tickets to see Fun Lovin' Criminals at The LCR on February 9 are available for £25 advance from the Norwich Box Office website

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