From the editor: Campaigns make a difference - and now it’s time for a new one

Steve Morphew from Norwich City Council backing the Evening News teddy bear campaign. Picture: James

Steve Morphew from Norwich City Council backing the Evening News teddy bear campaign. Picture: James Bass - Credit: Evening News © 2007

There are numerous reasons why I believe the local press still matters to a community and its people. Which is handy, you might say, given I'm the editor of this newspaper.

These include the ability to hold the powers-that-be to account, the strength to pull people together for a particular cause and the capacity to help someone through their own personal battle.

When a community has something to celebrate, such as Norwich City's forthcoming promotion (we hope), local media also plays an important role in helping to add to the sense of occasion, as well as providing something by which to remember that moment for years to come.

But perhaps the biggest impact that we can make is in the campaigns we choose – and it is often those causes that make journalists feel proudest about the sector they have chosen to work in.

There have been many examples of campaigns over the years that have helped to make a difference in people's lives. Several years ago the Evening News raised thousands of pounds so that teddy bears could go in ambulances and be handed to children if they, or their parents, needed treatment.

It didn't change lives but it made a real difference when that youngster needed to be kept calm.

Two years ago dozens of people came forward to support our Friend In Need campaign in which we asked people to give up their time to befriend the lonely or vulnerable.

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Meanwhile, our ongoing Mental Health Watch has given sufferers some strength during their hour of need, increased awareness and made a difference to the standards of care.

The reason why I'm talking about this is because the time has come for the Evening News to get behind a new cause – and I'd like your help in deciding what that should be.

Do you know of something that is worthy of further coverage?

Is there an appeal, cause or idea that other readers might be prepared to rally behind?

• If the answer to those questions is yes then please do drop me a line at