BrewDog offering free pints of lager at Norwich bar in exchange for ‘bad beer’

The BrewDog bar on Queen Street in Norwich. Photo : Steve Adams

The BrewDog bar on Queen Street in Norwich. Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

BrewDog is offering drinkers free pints of lager at its Norwich bar today in exchange for cans of 'bad beer'.

The independent Scottish brewer has announced an international 'Bad Beer Amnesty', giving customers the opportunity to swap any mainstream lager for a pint of its new beer, Lost Lager.

Its bar on Queen Street in the city will have a designated 'Bad Beer Bin' where visitors can dump their unwanted cans of beer in exchange for a pint of the brewery's latest lager.

BrewDog cofounder James Watt said: 'For decades, the craft of lager has been lost and forgotten, bastardised by mega breweries putting profit before flavour.

'But brewed right, lager can pack huge flavour and offer a really exciting style with depth and character. We have been working hard on nailing this recipe for months, and we know anyone who has a taste of Lost Lager will never look back.'

BrewDog will be accepting cans from midday to closing time.

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