Former RSPCA worker in Norwich animal home reunion appeal

The RSPCA home in Drayton Road in 1995.

The RSPCA home in Drayton Road in 1995. - Credit: Archant

A former RSPCA worker is calling for help to track down the friends he worked with in the 1980s and 90s.

Colin Sampson, of New Costessey, is on a mission to attract as many people as possible who worked at the Drayton Road Animal Home in Norwich when he was there from around 1986 to when it closed in 1995.

Mr Sampson started out as a volunteer and worked his way up to become a supervisor at the home.

This year he is looking for people to meet up and reminisce on May 4 at Clarke's Snooker Club on Barker Street in Norwich at 7pm.

The 44-year-old said: 'It was always such a great place to work for and the people were great more than anything. We helped a lot of animals on the way.

'Over the years we used to say it wasn't just a work place but a family place. We got to know each other very well because we spent a lot of hours together.'

Mr Sampson said he has already managed to get in contact and invite more than 60 people but he still has around 20 more to find.

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He said there would be many he might have missed from his list.

And he has extended his invitation to the RSPCA workers on the Barrack Street branch as well. Mr Sampson said the Drayton Road team organised a reunion after the animal home closed but have not been able to have one since.

The centre closed amidst the cries of more than 50 protestors who feared the animals would not be properly cared for in private kennels.

He added: 'This time I thought I really wanted to go right back to the beginning and get as many people as we can.'

If you used to work at the Drayton Road centre call Mr Sampson on 07780 906953.

Are you organising a reunion? email