Former Norwich Jarrold store worker marks 100 years

A pensioner who worked at one of Norwich's most recognisable stores for more than 40 years was joined by former colleagues as he celebrated a forthcoming milestone.

Alan Hutson will turn 100 this Sunday and to mark the occasion a tea party was held at Jarrold's yesterday.

The father of one, who lives in Harry Perry Close sheltered accommodation, off Eaton Road in the south of the city, first joined the company in 1933 when he was 22.

He worked in the toys throughout his career until he retired after 43 years' service with Jarrold.

Mr Hutson is the company's oldest living former member of staff.

Michelle Jarrold, one of the company directors, said: 'We had a party for our 240th anniversary last year and it was there that we realised Mr Hutson was 99.

'We all hoped he would still be around for us to celebrate his 100th with him. We've had a lovely turn-out – it's something so special and we are really proud of all our pensioners, especially those who worked for the company for as many years as he did. He comes into the store regularly and it's wonderful to see how articulate he is.'

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Mr Hutson was born in Norwich but his parents, who were butchers, moved to Lowestoft in 1913.

He went to London when he was 18 and worked for a wholesaler before moving back to Norwich four years later. It was then that he started to work for Jarrold's.

After retiring in 1976, Mr Hutson, who married his late wife Lillian in the early 1940s, has kept himself active and was a guide at Norwich Cathedral and a treasurer and cashier for the Norwich Feed the Minds Book Fair.

His daughter Helen Hutston, who lives in Surbiton, Surrey, put his long life down to his love of food, laid-back attitude and the fact that he has never owned a car. She said: 'He has done really well and still lives on his own. He never worries about anything – I think that's a secret of a long life. And he has always walked everywhere and would walk dogs. I don't think he's ever owned a car.

'He's always said how good Jarrold's were to him and I think it's great for him to celebrate his 100th with former colleagues.'

Mr Hutson, who served with the Royal Air Forces during the Second World War, has a packed diary of other 100th birthday celebrations including a party at Caistor Hall in Caistor St Edmund and a tea party at Harry Perry Close.

For more about Mr Hutson and his time at Jarrold, read Derek James' page next week.

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