The Football Ramble review: a must listen for the discerning football fan

The Football Ramble. Picture: Supplied by Norwich Theatre Royal

The Football Ramble. Picture: Supplied by Norwich Theatre Royal - Credit: Supplied by Norwich Theatre Royal

Norwich Theatre Royal played host to football fanaticals on a welcome diversion to the Halloween on goings as the acclaimed Football Ramble podcast brought their touring show to the city on Wednesday evening [October 30].

The ideal setting for all enthusiasts of the beautiful game, a quartet made up of presenter Marcus Speller, Luke Moore, Pete Donaldson and Jim Campbell. Ramblings on the current affairs within the game, covering varying topics such as Ryan Giggs extra-marital affairs, the mannerisms of the much-maligned Diego Maradona and the softly spoken accent of Norwich City's very own demure Daniel Farke.

The Football Ramble Podcast, started out in 2007, with emphasis placed in and around the Premier League, also covering areas of football around the world, which provides an irreverent viewpoint on the agenda of the game, a refreshing change from listening to the droning banalities of ex-professionals players, turned 'football masterminds'.

The podcast has become a pioneer for football broadcasts through social media and has grown astronomically since its inception, becoming the UK's biggest independent sports podcast, with more than 65 million downloads, and selling out theatres nationwide with their live show.

Amusing footballing anecdotes were plentiful, discussing the crude, deliberate flatulent release of shamed ex sky-sports presenter Richard Keys (it was just banter), to tales of when Watford midfielder Will Hughes went round Neil Warnock's house for a 'meat and two veg' TV dinner to discuss a potential move to Crystal Palace back in 2013.

The Football Ramble is a must listen for the discerning football fan, with the live show providing a deluge of amusements and nuggets of gold on the misdemeanours and misadventures of some of the most notable people connected to the sport.