Its roasts book up weeks in advance - but what was it like as a takeaway?

The roast dinner at the Ber Street Kitchen. Photo: Lauren Cope

The roast dinner at the Ber Street Kitchen. Photo: Lauren Cope - Credit: Archant

When it first launched roast dinners, diners had to book weeks in advance to get a table. But how do the Sunday lunches at the Ber Street Kitchen hold up as a takeaway? Lauren Cope found out.

The roast dinner at the Ber Street Kitchen. Photo: Lauren Cope

The roast dinner at the Ber Street Kitchen. Photo: Lauren Cope - Credit: Archant


The surprisingly balmy weather of lockdown meant that I hurried down Ber Street in shorts and T-shirt, already slightly clammy, to pick up a roast dinner on a gloriously warm Sunday.

It wasn’t the weather for anything heavy, and I’m sure plenty of sensible families opted for a barbecue and ice cream in the garden.

The Yorkshire puddings in the Ber Street Kitchen's Sunday roast. Photo: Lauren Cope

The Yorkshire puddings in the Ber Street Kitchen's Sunday roast. Photo: Lauren Cope - Credit: Archant

But there is little that can deter me from gravy and potatoes, so I continued on, having booked the slot a week in advance and chosen my chicken and beef options (both £12, other options were pork loin or vegan nut roast).

Service was hassle-free - there were just two of us queueing, and the width of the restaurant made it easy to shuffle around each other at a social distance. I paid by card, and carried out a bag of goodies, a coffee cup filled with gravy and a hot foil tray.

A 10-minute drive home later we unwrapped the parcels, put the foil tray - which held everything except the Yorkshire puddings - in the oven for five minutes to ensure it was piping hot.

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We worked our way round the heaving plates, moving from the exceptionally cheesy cauliflower cheese (superb) to the meaty, herby stuffing, cooked until crunchy outside, before dipping into the smooth mashed potatoes and enjoying a tangy bite of red cabbage.

The beef was tender and medium rare, while the chicken was incredibly moist.

The potatoes managed to stay crisp on the outside, though the drive home may have slightly taken the edge off, and the gravy was superb. Incredibly rich with the depth of red wine.

Really excellent. Plates were cleared and, while I’ve never eaten a roast in the restaurant, I’d be surprised if there’s much difference between eating in-house and takeaway.

A few hours later, we went back for dessert. Halving our Snickers brownie and millionaire’s shortbread (both £3), we made ourselves uncomfortable and contented in equal measure.

While it’s always hard to go wrong with a millionaire’s shortbread (who doesn’t like shortbread and caramel topped with a slab of chocolate?) my favourite was definitely the Snickers brownie. Chocolatey, nutty, extremely indulgent.

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We didn’t order any drinks, but you can order them for collection.


For our two roasts and two desserts it came in at £30. Given the portion sizes - particularly of the desserts - that felt like good value.


Either the cauliflower cheese or the Snickers brownie. Both excellent. I need to find the recipe for the brownie.


Very friendly. It was a brief interaction, but they were very conscious of social distancing and gave me an extra bag when I couldn’t carry it all.

In summary

I’d definitely recommend it. Clearly their set-up may change come July 4, but if you’re after a generously portioned and delicious roast dinner, you won’t go wrong here.

The Ber Street Kitchen can be found at 141 to 143 Ber Street, or on 01603 664400.

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