Flawless Chase The Dream - The Reboot review: A genuine, talented dance crew with a positive message to spread

Dance crew Flawless. Photo: Paul Hampartsoumian

Dance crew Flawless. Photo: Paul Hampartsoumian - Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian

Flawless, well-known for their appearance on Britain's Got Talent, brought their Chase The Dream - The Reboot tour to Norwich Theatre Royal last night.

Dance crew Flawless. Photo: Paul Hampartsoumian

Dance crew Flawless. Photo: Paul Hampartsoumian - Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian

Following their World Tour, Flawless are back in the UK performing their dynamic and creative dance routines in a tour that came to Norwich Theatre Royal last night.

Chase The Dream - The Reboot is a show aimed to showcase the talents of the group who are well known for appearing on Britain's Got Talent in 2009. They have since gone on to star in the movies Street Dance 3D one and two along with becoming two-time winners of the World Dance Championships.

The premise of the show was that ten big dreamers were seeking the opportunity to live their ultimate dance fantasy on board the 'Intergalactic Dream Ship'.

The passengers soon realise, that with every dream comes a dark reality, ultimately turning their dreams into nightmares. Upon learning this, the team must battle their way back to reality to complete the journey home or risk their minds being forever lost and trapped in the Realm of Dreams.

In all honesty, it took until the end half of the show to really get a grasp on the story that Flawless were trying to tell and still required a further read to fully understand the concept.

Some of the segments felt a little disjointed and the acted sequences between the routines occasionally felt like they were placed just to tide the time until the other members had undergone a costume change.

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This doesn't detract from the quality of some of the segments like the office based routine which had the audience in stitches throughout.

The individual personalities of the crew members really shone through throughout which for me is what held some of the acting scenes together to make them enjoyable.

It must be difficult to put together a two hour show and find ways to fill the gaps between each dance, so Flawless can't be knocked for giving it a good go and mostly pulling it off.

Once you get your head around the story and try viewing the routines as individual works then you can really start to appreciate the quality, precision and sheer hard work that has gone into this show.

Flawless, without a doubt, are a solid dance crew who absolutely deserve all the success they have seen so far, and definitely will continue to see.

Towards the end of the show we were treated to a guest appearance from local dance crew CDC. Throughout their 40+ date tour Flawless have been bringing a local dance group on stage each night. This was a fantastic addition to the show and it was great to see them supporting young up-and-coming talent.

With the strong message of 'Chase the dream, not the competition' being preached throughout, it was brilliant to see a well-known group using their platform to share such positivity.

It's an important message for young people and I'm sure it hit home with many of the audience members on the night.

Flawless couldn't thank the crowd enough for attending their performance - making it clear to see that they are a genuine, talented dance crew with a positive message to spread.

Flawless brought the show to and end with one final, fast paced, trick loaded routine which had the crowd on their feet shouting and applauding at what was a fantastic evening of dance.