Five ways you can wear this season’s black

Black is back, but before you hide away in a sea of baggy clothes smarten up your act by wearing black in style. Emma Harrowing shows you five ways to wear this autumn's black trend in this month's style makeover.

You may have rubbed your hands in glee at the news that black is back on the fashion radar, but before you proudly stride out in that baggy black jumper that you have always worn but now you can wear because it is 'in fashion' stop; that outfit may not be a good look for you.

It's a fashion myth that black can make you look slimmer and that it can be worn by anyone. The dense colour can make some people look bigger than they actually are especially if worn on baggy styles and it can make you look tired and older when worn next to your face unless you have olive skin.

As with all fashion 'rules' there are ways around them. If you haven't got olive or dark skin wear a necklace or scarf in a colour that suits you as this will brighten your complexion.

Instead of swamping yourself in baggy style choose clothes that suit your shape. If you have a waist emphasise it with a black patent belt or a cropped black leather jacket. If your body is quite straight create curves by layering different black materials together such as jacquard, tweed, leather and faux fur.

To make sure that your black outfits are up to date invest in a pearl, gold or silver collar necklace and wear with a black jumper or high neck black dress. You can also update your trusty black trousers with a black sequined top or jumper and an oversized blazer, or brighten up your look with a coloured jumper and patterned jacket.

For the party season the classic little black dress has been updated with luxurious fabrics and opulence. For a quick update wear with a pearl or pearl effect statement necklace and faux fur jacket.

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Of course if you want to follow the high fashion route wearing head to toe black leather with a leather jacket and leather skirt or trousers is the look for you. However, beware if you are over 25 or you are not slim this look is for fancy dress only.

Check out our photo gallery to see five different ways you can wear black this season. Just click the link at the top right of this page.