Five way you can inject some colour into your autumn wardrobe

Colour is once again big news on the fashion front this autumn and winter, so how can you wear this season's hues? Emma Harrowing shows you five ways you can wear colour in style.

A new fashion season brings with it a whole spectrum of new colours that will be adorned on everything from day wear to accessories. While many with a love of fashion will be embracing this season's shades of mustard, Emerald green, Royal blue, burgundy and pink with gusto, others are probably thankful that at least trusty black is back on the fashion radar.

Over the years Life Matters has seen many of you get a new look on one of our Monday makeovers. With the many body hang-ups, the wariness of trying a different style, or the trepidation about wearing pattern, there are quite a few of you who try and steer clear of wearing any colour that falls out of your safe haven of black, beige, brown, navy and grey.

When I tweeted about this autumn's love of mustard a few week's ago, many of you balked at this new colour trend, saying that it reminded you of your old school uniform, it was too difficult to wear, or that although it looks great on models 'real people' cannot wear this shade.

And the same is said about the other colours on autumn's colour chart. Cries from cyberspace dictate that pink is too girly, Royal blue was done by the Duchess of Cambridge and seems so last season, red is a better colour to wear than burgundy and Emerald green – well who wants to look like an extra from the Wizard of Oz.

You can be a finicky bunch.

Taking the new season's colours can, in fact, instantly bring your look up to date. You don't have to wear head to toe colour – although this is a trend for autumn, instead you can just add a mustard coloured bag, a Royal blue top worn with jeans, or a pair of burgundy loafers or brogues to add a touch of new season style to your look.

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These simple touches will make you look like you know what's happening on the fashion front without looking like you have fallen victim to the new trends – and all can be worn with your faithful friend, black.

Take a look at the photo gallery at the top right of this page to see how you can wear this season's green and in fact any colour this year.