Five different ways to wear a pair of patterned trousers from Topshop in Norwich

Each month EMMA HARROWING shows you how you can take one trend and wear it in five different ways so that you can make the most of your wardrobe. This month it's the turn of patterned trousers.

The patterned trousers of the summer may seem like an item of clothing that you can only wear on holiday with a pair of flip flops or at the weekend when you are lounging around at home.

In fact because of their seemingly limited ways of wearing them and perhaps the thought that they can be unflattering, many of us have turned our backs on patterned trousers, sticking instead to our trusty jeans or Capri pants.

Any new fashion trend can seem daunting at first. When playsuits first came onto the fashion radar a few years ago I was the first to scoff that they are difficult to wear, unflattering and practically a nightmare to get on and off. Now I have one in my wardrobe and it has become a style saviour for many different occasions when I have been stuck as to what to wear.

The same can apply to a pair of patterned trousers. Whether they are floral, tie-dye or tribal you can wear them for work and play by matching them with other items in your wardrobe or by investing in a few key pieces. This will make buying a pair of patterned trousers a good investment as you will be able to wear them for any occasion and to any event.

And the looks are endless. Mix and clash patterns, tone down with a simple neutral-coloured top, layer with a jumper or jacket, wear with black for a glossy evening look and so on. Patterned trousers have never looked so good.

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