First picture of peregrine falcon chick that has hatched on Norwich Cathedral spire

The first of the peregrine falcon chicks has hatched on the spire of Norwich Cathedral.

As previously reported a family of peregrine falcons are currently residing on a nesting platform on the cathedral's spire that has been installed by the Hawk and Owl Trust.

The female falcon has laid four eggs, and this morning at about 7.30am the first egg hatched.

Leanne Thomas, the trust's education manager, said it is likely the other three eggs will hatch within 48 hours.

She said: 'We are so excited now that the eggs have started to hatch. It is fantastic that these amazing birds have bred on such a historic building in the city and it will be wonderful to be able to watch the chicks growing thanks to the technology of the webcams.'

The first egg was laid on March 22, the second on March 24, the third on March 27 and the fourth on March 30.

The female did not start to incubate the eggs fully until after the third egg had been laid so the eggs should all hatch at about the same time. The male peregrine will continue to hunt for the growing family while the female broods and feeds the small chicks, and once hatched it will be five to six weeks until the chicks begin to fly.

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The Hawk and Owl Trust is running a watch point at the cathedral where people can view the birds through telescopes. This will run each day in May when the weather is fine from 10am until 5pm. Volunteers interested in helping at the watch point should call 01328 856788 or sign up online at

• The falcon webcam can be viewed by clicking on the link on the top right-hand corner of this story.

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