Finances are the stumbling block for Anglia Square redevelopment

Anglia Square where big changes are being planned. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Anglia Square where big changes are being planned. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2016

The Norwich Society's visions and proposals for redeveloping Anglia Square have had a favourable reception. While I fully support their proposals on the two major issues, the demolition of the Anglia Square flyover and a concert hall, the major stumbling block (normally a financial one) is making visions a reality.

If funding was readily available, then once the flyover was removed the road could simply follow its existing path at street level with a roundabout where the central section is at present along with light controlled crossing points for pedestrians. Norfolk County Council have already said that the removal of the flyover does not form part of the current plans for the city road network. With the heavy strain on finances for new and improved road projects, this is hardly surprising, so this vision will not become a reality.

There are a couple of options which could at least mask the concrete. One is cladding, which has already made a major transformation to Westlegate Tower in Norwich, Havenbridge House in Yarmouth and the Civic Centre in Ipswich. Even just cleaning the concrete and using a suitable spray paint would be a major improvement.

Norwich has needed a dedicated concert hall for many years since St Andrew's Hall is an unsuitable venue for classical music with its poor acoustics.

Charles Almond, Culverin Close, Thorpe St Andrew.