Final curtain call for Norwich city festival

The Hostry Festival, based in the grounds of Norwich Cathedral, is nearing its curtain call after nine successful days.

The festival, run by local people and featuring local acts, will conclude with a packed Sunday, including a performance of theological play Father and Son: Son and Father, with God and Jesus being played by real- life father and son acting duo Peter Ellis and Christopher Ellis, followed by an after show discussion on theology inspired by the play.

The main event for this year's festival, the romantic comedy The Rainmaker, set in the 1930s and directed by the founder of the festival Stash Kirkbride, entered its third evening. Mr Kirkbride said: 'All things went off incredibly well and were well received by the crowd. There was a full house for the first night of The Rainmaker; the audience liked it a lot.'

The festival even received the seal of approval from TV intellectual and writer Stephen Fry, who tweeted about it, praising it and directing people to attend.

With this project Mr Kirkbride and business partner Peter Barrow have attempted to champion the Norfolk arts scene. And Mr Kirkbride said all sponsorship and involvement had come from within the county.

'People are getting involved, it's a lovely thing to see happening, everyone helping to make something really good in Norfolk that hopefully will happen every year.

'The staff all volunteer, for the love of it.'

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'We want to celebrate Norfolk talent and are helping to ensure the venue is for the community and engages the community.

'We've got to do it locally rather than waiting for hand-outs from mummy and daddy in Whitehall.'

The Hostry at the Cathedral, Tombland, is a �10m venue which was opened by the Queen two years ago.

Tickets are available from the box office on 01603 218 450.