Film has Van Gogh down to a fine art

Mary HamiltonNorwich radio presenter Will Wilson has created a film which will be seen by millions at a prestigious exhibition of Van Gogh's paintings and letters at the Royal Academy of Arts.Mary Hamilton

A Norwich radio presenter has created a film which will be seen by millions at a prestigious exhibition of Van Gogh's paintings and letters.

Will Wilson, who also works in multimedia and sound engineering, has created a short film which is showing in the entrance hall to the Royal Academy of Arts exhibition, making it one of the first things seen by visitors to the iconic collection.

'The hall is a huge space and my film is up on a screen half a metre wide,' said the 33-year-old. 'I went to the opening night and all the speeches were held in the main hall right underneath my little film. It was very humbling.

'I was given scans of the letters by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. I worked with the curator to pick ones she thought were particularly relevant and to put together the film.'

Van Gogh's letters, which include sketches of works in progress and finished pieces, are an integral part of both Mr Wilson's film and the ongoing exhibition in London, often hanging alongside the paintings to which they relate.

'One letter was in English to an English art dealer, but most were to his brother,' said Mr Wilson. 'His last letter still has the bloodstains on it from when they believe he shot himself.'

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Although producing a film for such a high-profile project had its difficulties, Mr Wilson said he enjoyed the experience.

'There was a fair bit of pressure but the time constraints were more of an issue,' he said. 'I didn't hear until just before Christmas that we would be doing it, so I spent my Christmas holidays putting it together.

'The set-up changed too so we did it all at the last moment. I didn't have a choice not to deliver.'

Mr Wilson, from Thorpe, studied media and worked in London for seven years before returning to Norwich three years ago. He did freelance work in London but found the commute too difficult and decided instead to concentrate on projects within the county.

He has now set up Laboratory Media, based in Salisbury Road, Thorpe, which has also worked for an exhibition at the Horniman museum and created audio for the BBC Worldwide logo and the 2008 Turner Prize.

He also works for Future Projects in Norwich as a sound technician and was an occasional presenter on Future Radio since last summer.

t The Real Van Gogh: The Artist and His Letters runs at the Royal Academy of Arts in London until April 18. For more information visit:

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