Festival Diaries - Fringe Festival organiser Amy Wragg

Mary HamiltonNorwich Fringe Festival organiser Amy Wragg shares her diary for the day.Mary Hamilton

Norwich Fringe Festival organiser Amy Wragg shares her diary for the day.

Well, this is it. This is the point where the Fringe huffs its way to the apex of the hill, pulling a weight of a year's planning and preparation behind it, cresting for a moment before beginning a graceful and poetic descent.

Despite what you may have heard, this is the fun part - the bit when all the long hours come into perspective. It's when it's easiest to know what and who you are doing all this planning and preparation for.

In the coming two weeks we will have a wide range of poetry, music, art and stand-up comedy - some of the most interesting and energetic arts that Norwich has to offer, from Brian Catling's reading at Take Five this evening to the Hands to Haiti event at the Arts Centre on Friday.

In fact, the city will be spoilt for choice. The Norfolk & Norwich has some tremendous events itself, and it's been hard not feel the occasional flash of envy. I am glad they are here - and I'm glad we are here too. It speaks volumes about the people of Norwich, their enthusiasm and passion for the arts, in all its multitude of forms and platforms, whether it's Theatre Royal or a Subway off St Stephen's Street.

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There is something for everyone. Let the streets be a-chatter with it all for the next two weeks. We've done this for you. Hope you enjoy it.

For more information about the Fringe Festival visit www.norwichfringefestival.com.

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