Father-of-three’s very full diary in Ringland

Busy Ian Colman of Ringland who is a scout leader, musical director, parish council chairman, and ch

Busy Ian Colman of Ringland who is a scout leader, musical director, parish council chairman, and chair of governors. Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: Archant 2013

Father-of-three Ian Colman somehow juggles the leadership of scout and music groups in Taverham, the chairmanship of Ringland Parish Council and a full-time job.

Ian Colman conducting at Exploding Brass: Submitted pictures

Ian Colman conducting at Exploding Brass: Submitted pictures - Credit: Archant

So the obvious question must be - how does he fit it all in?

'It can be extremely busy at times,' he said.

'The key thing is that I get great support from my family. And there's a lot of teamwork with the people I work with in all the organisations.

'One of the hardest things, and which sometimes makes me confused, is remembering the different formats and processes for each organisation.'

While his commitments may look quite onerous on paper, most of them are also his hobbies, he said.

And it helps that his wife Lisa is the clerk of Ringland Parish Council, and treasurer of the band he conducts, the Taverham Brass Band.

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His two eldest children also play musical instruments and are in Taverham Brass Band's training band, and his brother and sister play in the main band.

His drive to do as much for his community as possible, he explained, is partly based on a desire to help other people in troubled times.

'With all the cuts taking place, it's down to the community to get on and do things,' he said. 'I think you should give some of your own time to help at this key moment.'

His motivation is also in helping other people through voluntary work.

'It's just to see the enjoyment and pleasure you give to other people through the opportunities you have created by volunteering. It's very simple,' he said.

Mr Colman, who is also a season ticketholder at Norwich City, is chairman of Taverham Scout Group, and has been an adult scout for 30 years, since he was 18. He was a scout when he was a boy.

He is musical director with Taverham Brass Band, which he has conducted for 21 years.

The band famously played at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee garden party at Sandringham, and met the Queen.

As a self-taught conductor, he said: 'I have just watched other people. The nice thing about being in a brass band is that you play everything from pop to classical music.

'It's the biggest band in East Anglia and we have a training band as well. We have 75 members in the band. 'The band rehearses every week then I spend four hours on Tuesday nights with the training band. So I give about 10 to 12 hours a week with the band, plus concerts.'

He has been chairman of Ringland Parish Council for two years and on the council three years.

He said: 'It's nice to have an influence and bring experience to the village you live in.'

In the last year the council has received grant funding from Norfolk County Council for improvements to the village hall, which he said he was proud of.

He is also chairman of the governors at Drayton Primary School.

And he also organises a biennial musical fireworks show, called Exploding Brass, and the next concert is on Saturday, July 20, at Taverham Hall.

Its legendary firework finale will be even bigger and better this year, and will be provided by Kimbolton Fireworks, which was responsible for the New Years' Eve in London, Hogmanay in Edinburgh and the 2012 London Olympics, he said.

He was born in Drayton, where he attended primary school, before attending Hellesdon High School.

At 18 he joined Nat West Bank at its branch in Magdalen Street, Norwich, which is now a sweets shop, and 30 years later he still works for the Royal Bank of Scotland group, as project delivery manager.

Mr Colman was one of Norfolk's 'hidden army of unsung heroes' recently recognised at a formal thanksgiving at County Hall.

The heroes were invited to a reception after being nominated by their peers for their contribution to projects as diverse as sports clubs, older people's charities, museums, scout groups, village halls, community events and youth groups.

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