Fashion is one big picnic this winter

The picnic blanket is a source of inspiration for a new fashion trend that brings a new twist to the classic heritage look, says Emma Harrowing.

That checked blanket that you use to cosy up with when watching television or is hibernating in the cupboard waiting for picnic season to begin again is a fashion look for autumn and winter.

Before you drape yourself in a blanket and belt it around your waist to create this season's feminine silhouette, not that you would of course especially if your picnic blanket has a scratchy waterproof undersheet, I'm talking about how coats, cardigans and even boots are working this blanket loving trend at the moment.

It is easy to wear this look. If you love the classic heritage look in all its tweed and knitted jumper glory, wearing a blanket check coat or a pair of blanket check boots will bring your look bang up to date.

This cosy style is perfect for those who like their fashion to be practical. Plaid shearling boots will keep your feet warm all winter and a large checked pattern coat is the perfect cover-up for most outfits.

For those who like to follow fashion to a tee the blanket print on a coat should be worn with faux fur and mixed with another blanket print of a different colour on a cardigan, trousers or skirt, or a pair of boots. Bring your look together with black leather such as a bag, belt and even a leather skirt.

Blanket checks bring another level to this season's feast of fashion. Who said that picnics were just for Summer.

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