Famous Grouse sculpture at Murderers pub in Timberhill, Norwich

A sculpture representing the 'Famous Grouse' of whisky fame can be seen in the front window at the Murderers pub in Norwich city centre until Friday morning.

As reported, the Timberhill pub was featured last year in a list of the country's most famous watering holes.

The Famous Grouse 2010 Famous Pubs list celebrated exceptional pubs across the UK that really stand out from the crowd for their heritage and character.

Landlord Phil Cutter said: 'After we appeared in the list an online poll was conducted of the top 30 pubs from that list, and we came number four in that poll. A specially commissioned photograph of each of the 30 pubs is depicted on the Famous Grouse sculpture, and each one of the pubs is getting the grouse for a few days, as part of a national tour. The grouse is sitting in our front window and will be there until Friday morning when it has to go back.'

As reported, the Murderers was again featured in The Famous Grouse 2011 Famous Pubs list alongside two other Norwich pubs, The Adam and Eve and The Trafford Arms.

The Adam and Eve has also had a special cocktail – called the Adam and Eve Cooler – named after it, as part of the list.

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