Extraordinary experiments as Science Museum arrives in Norwich

Get ready to be propelled into an exploratory adventure into the wonderful world of science as Science Museum Live on Tour comes to Norwich with a fantastic live show to blow your mind and challenge your brain. EMILY ASPIN talks to producer Dan Colman.

How did the idea to create the Science Museum Live On Tour come about?

Our company has produced and has been developing a number of popular Science Entertainment shows and we were approached by the Science Museum to see whether we would co-produce a show with them.

What appeals to you most about working on this sort of project?

It's challenging and fulfilling to create popular theatre for a wide family audience that is exciting and entertaining whilst being educational and informative. I enjoy the process of looking at how we can creatively combine theatre and science and of course as a producer it's ultimately about delivering a show which people enjoy and will recommend. When we can deliver on that it's very satisfying.

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How does the Science Museum Live on Tour support the Key Stage 2 Science curriculum?

The show is a co-production with the Science Museum and we are fortunate that we have the full resources and input from the Educational Outreach department as well as our own science consultants. The whole scripting process has been carefully developed to link with KS2 Science curriculum and the Educational support material and teachers packs are developed by the Science Museum themselves.

What three main things do you aim to teach the children?

To have an inquisitive mind and to look at the world around them. To understand that the world of science is a world of inventors and people that they can be part of. That science is fun!

What should audiences expect to see on stage?

Great demonstrations, exclusive video footage from the science museum and as an audience participation show, hopefully themselves, teachers or their parents!

What can you tell us about the presenters?

We've brought our own experienced presenters to the show who have a background in both acting and presenting and in particular working with family audiences and children. They are very hard working and great fun and are rapidly becoming science experts!

How does this show differ from Brainiac Live! and The Big Bang! ?

Brainiac Live! is very different. It's based on an existing TV programme and although we also work with scientists to ensure all the science is 'good science', we equally focus on the comedy and mayhem of the characters. Brainiacs are inquisitive people but can be a bit crazy and reckless. Our Science Museum Presenters are just as fun ….but I think they know a bit more!

What would you say to a school who were thinking about bringing their pupils along, but who hadn't quite made their mind up yet?

Hurry up! It's great fun, and you'll learn a lot!

t Science Museum Live on Tour, Norwich Theatre Royal, February 9, 1.30pm/7pm, �14-�5.50, 01603 630000, www.theatreroyalnorwich.co.uk