Exhibition looks at Yarmouth's past

Anthony CarrollAn innovative community art exhibition summing up Great Yarmouth's most famous features and rich past was unveiled in the town's library.Anthony Carroll

An innovative community art exhibition summing up Great Yarmouth's most famous features and rich past has been unveiled in the town's library.

The display comprises a mix of ice cream cones, wind turbines, chip cartons, little terns and herring and is the result of a five month project involving artist Charlotte Howarth and 200 people from the town.

School children, youth groups, art groups and residents helped produce the basis of the exhibition by creating plaster casts and mottos summing up the ethos of the resort during a series of workshops.

Mrs Howarth then created 10 eye catching designs, which also features Yarmouth's cramped Rows medieval homes, St George's Park and sailing boats.

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The designs feature slogans such as 'Adventures like dreams around every corner' and 'Bubble gum ice cream temptation everywhere'.

The exhibition runs until Saturday and people will be asked to choose which of the 10 designs should be carved by Mrs Howarth into stone plaques to go on permanent display at the Tolhouse Street library.

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Other designs and plaster casts will also be used to decorate the library and its community garden.

Yesterday Mrs Howarth, who runs Swaffham-based making Making Marks, was joined by some of the people who helped create the designs.

The exhibition runs until 5pm on Saturday. Voting forms on which design should be made a permanent feature of the library and free goodies based on the exhibition such as badges are available until Saturday.

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