Event allows people to share their Holocaust connection

Young Jew Hannah-Lital Goldfinch marks Holocaust Memorial Day by sharing her experiences at the SoMe

Young Jew Hannah-Lital Goldfinch marks Holocaust Memorial Day by sharing her experiences at the SoMe event in The Forum.Picture by SIMON FINLAY. - Credit: Archant Norfolk

An event was held at the Forum today to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day and the 70th anniversary since Auschwitz-Birkenau's liberation, by getting people to converse with each other about the subject.

Called SoMe and run in connection with the Outsiders - an organisations which uses social projects to engage and develop individuals and communities - the event encouraged visitors to the Forum to sit down and talk to volunteers who have a connection to the Holocaust.

After people had talked to the volunteers their thoughts on what they had learnt were written down and pinned up on a board before being uploaded onto Twitter.

Nick Little, Director of the Outsiders, said: 'We're trying to include as many people as possible in dialogue and using social media as a way of doing so.

'People have their conversations face-to-face and write about their experiences in tweet form and then we retweet them.

'The great thing is the conversation happens face-to-face but for those online who can't be here then the conversation can carry on.'

One volunteer, 47-year-old Katy Went from Norwich, said: 'I went to the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen when I was 15 and as someone who is transsexual, lesbian and born with intersex features; I would have been sent to a concentration camp during the 1930s.

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'A lot of people don't realise that gypsies, those with mental disabilities and gay people were sent to concentration camps by the Nazis - around 10,000 gay people.

'Genocide is something that still needs to be talked about because it still goes on and in 2015 there are still systems which regard people who are different as sub-normal which is the way Hitler thought.'

17-year-old student Hannah-Lital Goldfinch added: 'I have blue eyes and blonde hair and would have been what Hitler was looking for with Aryan race - but I'm Jewish.

'The Nazi's tried to explain what they did was scientific by saying Jew blood was contaminated. I like to think my appearance is a slap in the face to Hitler.'

A film about the Holocaust - where more than one million people were killed - and its liberation was shown in the Forum and a commemorative candle was will be lit outside the Forum to 'Keep The Memory Alive' at 4.30pm with time for quiet reflection after.

For more information about the outsiders, visit www.the-outsiders.org.uk