Evening News columnist David Powles on Norwich City’s success

'Is this really happening or am I dreaming?'

That was one of the comments made by an unbelieving Norwich City fan on Twitter last night as our closest rivals Cardiff City went three-nil down in just twenty minutes prior to our own crunch match.

Two hours later those words probably best summed up the feelings of every single Canary supporter as we secured an unbelievable return to the Premier League.

And it could also perfectly describe an incredible couple of years at the club, made up of devastating lows and immense highs.

As we start to get used to the idea of Norwich once again facing the country's biggest sides, it seems hard to imagine that this time two years ago, that dream had become an unmitigated nightmare.

We were, quite simply, a club in crisis.

On the opening day of last season things had got even more surreal with that now infamous 7-1 defeat to Colchester.

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That was the day Paul Lambert, then Colchester manager, entered our lives - and since then we haven't looked back.

Promotion back to the Championship was quickly secured and that made us all happy enough. Even our board seemed content to settle for a couple of season's settling back into life in the second tier.

But Lambert and his team had other ideas. As the season developed that sense of belief grew and soon most fans began to realise that we at least had a shot of reaching the play-offs.

But out and out promotion, with one game still to play - I'm pretty sure only the optimistic few had convinced themselves that was a realistic target.

But it seems it was, and now, as someone who has been lucky enough to enjoy what has been a truly stupendous season it only seems right to thanks those who made it happen.

To thank the board for having the foresight to bring in such a talented, forward thinking manager.

The players for reaching new levels every week and refusing to admit defeat.

And above all to Paul Lambert for ensuring that we can all stay in this dreamland for a while yet.

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