Evel Knievel tour comes to Norwich

The jaw-dropping stunts of famous daredevil motorcyclist Evel Knievel are being remembered at a special exhibition in Norwich.

The True Evel tour will be in Chapelfield Plain from today until Sunday on the second leg of its international tour.

A full collection of artefacts including Evel's Harley Davidson jump bike, which he crashed over a tank of sharks and X-2 rocket sky cycle on which he jumped Snake River Canyon will be displayed.

Tour manager, Karl Hickey, from Martham said: 'The rocket is like sitting in a beer can; there's nothing to it. It shows how courageous he was.

'Modern jumping bikes have a 12-18 inch suspension, but Evel's bike had just two inches – the last thing a Harley is designed for is flying through the air.

'The exhibition tells people about his life. A lot of people know him for his jumps, but they don't know much about him as a person. He had strong morals and ideas and was against the use of drugs. He was a role model and the only real life person who has been turned into a comic book hero.'

The tour also includes exhibits such as Evel's white and blue leathers, with original scuff marks, and a skeleton showing all the bones Evel broke during his 25 year career for which he still holds the Guinness World Record for 35 broken bones.

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Mr Hickey was inspired to organise the tour after a conversation with a friend.

'We had met up for a coffee and he was wearing an Evel Knievel t-shirt and we got talking about what had happened to him,' said Mr Hickey. 'It all started from there really. The Knievel family have loaned us the artefacts and Evel's eldest son, Kelly Knievel, came to the launch.' Mr Hickey said.

The exhibition will give people a chance to see, photos, press cuttings, original cartoon drawings and DVDs of Evel's stunts

Mr Hickey said: 'Everyone loves him. People remember him for the Wembley jump (in which he tried to clear 13 double decker buses). No-one did stunts before him and no-one will do them after him. I was fortunate enough to meet Evel a couple of times before he died, he was very charismatic.'

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