Escaped Norwich ferret reunited with owner

A teenager who feared somebody might have stolen her Thunder has been reunited with her pet ferret, thanks to the Evening News.

Layla Hall, 18, was distraught when she discovered that her beloved ferrets Thunder and Lightning had vanished from her back garden last week.

But another family in Miss Hall's street, George Pope Road in Catton Grove, had quite a shock when Thunder sneaked into their living room.

The uninvited guest made his way into the house last Thursday and the surprised family captured him and took him along to Catton Veterinary Clinic to be looked after.

Through the pages of the Evening News, Sam Leeks, head nurse at the Constitution Hill veterinary practice, appealed for the owner of the animal, named Simon by staff, to reclaim him.

Fortunately, Miss Hall's mother spotted the picture in Saturday's paper and thought it looked like her daughter's pet.

Miss Hall, who has just completed her A-levels in psychology, sociology and history at Paston Sixth Form College in North Walsham, said she was thrilled to be reunited with her pet.

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She said: 'We had Thunder and Lightning in the garden and we think somebody had let them out. We found Lightning, but Thunder had disappeared and we didn't know what had happened to him.

'We were really sad about it but then my mum saw the picture in the Evening News and thought it looked like Thunder. I had a look and we realised it was him.'

Miss Hall went to Catton Veterinary Clinic on Saturday to collect the errant animal.

She said: 'It turned out he had gone out exploring and had ended up in somebody's living room. He was fine when we picked him up and was very lively.' His return home was welcomed by Lightning, the female ferret which Miss Hall got about two years ago and which Thunder was bought as a companion for.

On her unusual choice of pets, Miss Hall said: 'We've got cats and dogs as well, but the ferrets are just so cute. We love them.'

As if losing her pet was not stressful enough, Miss Hall faces more fingernail biting this week as she is set to get her A-level results today.

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